Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ryzal start his step in entertaiment biz after joining Hero Remaja. He has been a Promotion Executive Officer with KRU Production before start his career as an artiste. This cutie Chinese face hunk is also a model and always modelling many fashion from many designers and also do catwalk on runway. He also loves beaches and sunglasses. We could see many of his pics are at beaches and he wears sunglasses. This guy has a very cute smile and adorable face. He has a lean body but still has muscle.

Full Name: Mohd Shahrizal Jaafar

Nick Name: Ryzal

Date of Birth: 2 Januari 1982

Place of Birth: Alor Star, Kedah

Age: 27 years old

Zodiac : Capricorn

Favorite Food : Chinese and Indian cuisine & Laksa

Favorite Drink : Jus oren, susu dan air suam

Favorite Actor: Fauziah Nawi, Rosyam Nor dan Leonardo Decaprio

Favourite Singer : Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake dan KRU

Drama : Siri Dunia Baru musim 1,2 dan 3, Jelatang, Cinta Bulan dan Matahari dan Yassin Untuk Bonda.

Film : Dunia Baru The Movie dan Sayang U Can Dance

with Fasha Sandha...

modelling on cover for a novel


Merlina said...

hensem die ni..cute..body pon best..puteh lak tu..ahhh..he's just gorgeous..

Kak Wok said...

OK, I admit. He's cute. Eventhough he's of pure Malay parentage, he hardly looks one. More of a Pan Asian actually.

But... (ha! there's always a but!) when I spectate his acting in that KRU-produced drama 'Hotel Mania' I was like, what the ****? What was with that eyeliner? Eee!

Nevertheless, he's a cutie sweet potato pie! :)

Anonymous said...

he's a fag

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