Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mizie (Pencarian Kacak Bergaya 2010) doing modelling

he got fine abs... so nice.

droooooling all the secretaries...

eco green for Panasonic... unleash his gayness... dunno if he gay or not.. do we care?

he loves to dance... dance makes his body look gorgeous.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aeril Zafrel (Hot guy in Puaka Ningsun)

hot twink... so bitchy...

twinky Tom Welling... hair style ... but still hot.

sweet couple...

...threesome... i can imagine what it's come

workout time

Calvin Hee in '09 Uno Model Search

William Ng

sweet smile...

William Ng suppose to be the contestant in Manhunt International 2010, but was replace by Tim, the third winner from Manhunt Malaysia 2010. After this, I will post more of his sexier pics like him in only trunk... showing his manhood. So manly... Enjoy these photos for this moment.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tim Ang Sau Fong ( Manhunt International Contestant from Malaysia)

At first, the contestant from Malaysia is William Ng but in a sudden he was replaced by Tim, the third winner in the Manhunt Malaysia 2010. The reason is 'CONFIDENTIAL REASON'. Manhunt International 2010 was held from 2010 10th to 22nd November 2010 - Taichung City, Taiwan. Tim did not achieve top 16 but it's ok because other contestants are really hunky and beefy. However I still wonder why William did not participate? Did he do anything over the Manhunt rule? or anything? However there is a lot of William sexier photos that may make you guys horny and grabbing your bulge. haha... Now, watch these pics and see if you start grabbing your bulge and tell me about that.

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