Thursday, January 1, 2009


Name: Anding Indrawani Zaini
Age: 25
Occupation: Singer, Actor
Gym (cant live without it),rock climbing,music,movies, backpackin' (I did that alone in Australia), photography, dancin' (free stylin') n playin dead
Religion: Muslim

He start his career in entertainment biz after joining Akademi Fantasia. This hunk start as a singer but then had offers to do acting in some dramas like Impian Ilyana and Impian. Then this cute and sexy guy play role as a police cadet in 'Akademi Polis'. He really suit to play that role because he has very fit and muscular body type.

He had face many wild gossip like in love with his Akedemi Fantasia colleague, Edlin. Another hotter wilder gossip is he is a gay and also having affair with his Akademi Fantasia male colleague.

He acted as a police cadet in 'Akademi Polis'

During his Akademi Fantasia time

His holiday to Thailand

In Sarawakian traditional warrior costume

Hot staring...

to see more of HOT MUSCULAR BODY pictures.....

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