Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aaron Aziz

Aaron Aziz is a star from Singapore and have been in many tv series in Singapore like 'Heartlander' and 'Cinta Bollywood'. Then he immigrated to Malaysia and become one of the talented actor in Malaysia. He is very handsome and has pure Malay face. In Malaysia, he had acting in many dramas and film like 'Emil Emilda', 'Sadiq & co.', 'Janji Diana' etc. His probably first film is 'Evolusi KL Drift'.

: Aaron Aziz
Date fo birth: 23 Februari 1976
Place of birth: Pasir Ris, Singapura
Education: Mass Communication Diploma
Profession: Actor, Model
Marital status: Married
Film: Evolusi KL Drift
Drama: War Diary, Heartlanders, Jeritan Sepi, Cinta Bollywood, Klinik Kita,Sumayyah, Cinta Q dan Janji Diana, Dilema Wanita, Suspek & Emil Emilda
Achievement: Artis Paling Popular & Aktor Pembantu Terbaik menerus drama Jeritan Sepi di Anugerah Pesta Perdana Singapura pada 2002

He become Loreal Men ambassador

During his 'Heartlender' time, a handsome cop

to see more of he IN UNDIES pictures....

during photoshoot for Makulin magazine

Interview for AJL

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Anonymous said...

this dude is nobody in sgpore,thanx to stupid malaysian who adore him so much..he cant act,its just a malaysian standard 'HEROE'& not that handsome though

Haidarry zaki said...

I love u my bro...Arone

Anonymous said...

i love you

Anonymous said...

Any gayboy out there ?? Text me adi 0179516096 I tengah gersang ni...

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