Tuesday, February 15, 2011

William Ng Gorgeous Cover Boy For Men's Health March 2011 Issue

William Ng, our favorite man half naked in jeans is now going to be on shelf in every bookstores, mamak stall, and everywhere in Malaysia. he got his golden chances to be cover boy for one of the hot magazine, Men's Health Malaysia for March Issue. This hot guy have very hot and lean body. With his pure Chinese face, William is very sexy in his own style.

Men's Health Malaysia is one of the health magazine for Malaysia men. There is few of magazine like this, focus for local here. Most of the magazines is health for female readers and if there is for men, the magazine is in Chinese. Only one magazine (as I realize) in Malays, Maskulin. Once, there is a magazine, Ummph, but they were stop in a very sudden. Some magazines are also more focus to fashion and gadgets and less for health. Different to this magazine, Men's Health is more to health and fitness for maleness and educate healthier life for man in Malaysia.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hansen Lee (Polo Boys Hotties)

Tom (played by Hansen Lee)
Building & Real Estate Undergraduate

Tom is the best player of the team, and he knows it. But because of that, he doesn’t take the game seriously – frequently coming late for trainings, or even drunk. He has a poor attitude to water polo, and a drinking problem.
Yet his alcoholism is his only means of escape, – his girl friend is now in a coma state. Tom still visits her every week, and drinks to forget the fact.
After a drink driving accident, Tom has to make a decision – face up to the realities of life, or give in to drinking as an escape.

a team of hotness polo boys

from magazine promo

during promo

Pictures below are really hot. really hard to believe how could they manage to promoting the tv show like that. They doing promotion in a club where all the ladies became crazy for a while looking a line of hunky topless guys including Hansen. They played a lot of hot and sexy games like kiss the actors, smell the actors hot bodies, touching the hotties, hard and tough bodies, sit on the hunky guys etc. Really hot!!! Just only if tv stations in Malaysia able to promote their tv series like this. And if only Hansen Lee could topless while hosting Breakfast Show in ntv7. Haha.. 

damn super HOTTT!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

William Ng Love Sports (really helping him beautifulize his body)

William Ng is our favorite 2010 Manhunt Malaysia winner. As a model, he know very well how to appreciate his beautiful body because it is very hard to get beautiful body like that. Basketball is like an official game for every Chinese people just like football for Malays (not differentiate, just for comparison) including this hot hunk. He not only go to the gymnasium in order to preserve his beautiful hot body. He still doing things he love like playing ball basketball with his friends and surf at the beach. He is also a good surfer. You can see the prove in the last pics.

 love to see the confident on his hot face.... 

 another shoot...

 and another shoot again...

 too hot until have to throw the shirt... so fiery HOT!!!

He is tall. The surfing board is taller than him.

with another taller surf board. i think he not a loyal person. he love to change surfing board...

showing butt and hugging the board like his girlfriend

with the pinky board...

orgy with the surfboards...

i don't know about this. is this a threesome or foursome? so suspicious...

by the way... all the pictures above just show he love the surfing board and now this is the prove he fucking playing with the surfing board... can see his satisfaction doing that.

(just remembering the famous phrase in Ninja Turtle)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Azrin Lahuri in Mister & Miss International Top Model 2010

Azrin Lahuri is one of active Malay model. He always join a lot of pageant competitions to improve himself. He has amazing cute babyface and may attract many peoples' eyes. However in my opinion he would be better if he able to get more beautiful hot body. He supposed to go to the gym a lot and do some workout to improve his physical. By the way, wish all the best to him. I adored his hardworking in modelling industry.

stripping time....

soooo hooooottt!!!

go male stripper, go!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

John-Son Oei (Gym Lover)

Healthy youth is important the nation. This hot and spicy god creature really love the gym very much. Gym is like his second home. Even though he quite busy with his work and seminars as a youth activist, he still will spent a lot of time in gym just to ensure his fitness and maintain his beautiful body. He put health and fitness as priority in his life as well as others suppose to be. We keep heard that maintaining good health is important to us if we don't want to die early. But the reason why we must have good health is to make sure we can live a better life. From the life given, we able to do a lot to other like helping others and make peace. Good health come from healthy physical and healthy mental. Healthy physical could be achieved by eating healthy food and workout frequently while healthy mental could be achieve by having positive thinking, have a good relationship with others and love each others. Having sex is also one of an important thing to health. Sex may relief stress and good for heart. By the way, before doing sex, you may enjoy happy time with John-Son workout at the gym with his other hot friends.

Three hot muscleteers
Hot Stud In Axxxtion!!!

Pinky hot muscle boy pumping...

Lepak after hot and sweaty fucking workout

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