Friday, January 9, 2009

Fahrin Ahmad

Fahrin Ahmad is a famous actor. He always play role as a noble man and being so romantic with the partner. He has a Malay 'kampung' face (country boy) and very suitable to acting as a people come from village in drama or film. Actually it is a advantage for him because there is a lot of mixture race actor and become a difficulties to find someone with pure Malay face.

He acted in many dramas like Salina, Datin Diaries, Spa Q, Vice Versa, etc. He also acted in Malay horror movie' Puaka Tebing Biru where he face a controversy because was shirtless and have bath openly and just wearing very thin sarong in that film. There is a misbehave and unappropriate for someone shirtless openly in Malay society. However, there are also some other film which also show the actor shirtless but not face controversy. Perhaps the reporters in Malaysia are bias with Fahrin. He also host some television show like XY, Sehati Berdansa and Gadis Melayu.

He face gossip that he has a love relationship with Linda Onn, tv and radio personality. They keep denying about their relationship until finally they announced that they are not together anymore. This hunk love to play rugby and it shown from his fit and tough body.

Name: Fahrin Ahmad

Age: 30 tahun

Date of birth: 9 Mei 1979

Place of birth: Johor Bahru. Johor

Height: 180

Weight: 86

Shirt size: L

Waist size: 32

Shoe size: 11

I realize it was a really tough job to find his damn hot sexy shirtless body picture but finally thanks to mangga online, I got them. The pics actually from photoshoot for the late Umph magazine.


PuTeRiPiNk said...

i love fahrin ahmad! he's hot!

PuTeRiPiNk said...

i didn't commented on dat did i???

Anonymous said...

I want to lick his body you know his so hot

Anonymous said...

andeddI want him on my bed

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Anonymous said...

hai fahrin mmg mmg gilakan dia(sy nie pompuan ye)mmg hot,senyuman yg memukau..body fahrin aduhai mmg tgk aje gadis da pecah dara..mmg hot. Untung nya isteri fahrin..mmg lelaki sejati dia tu,jantan hebat..

Anonymous said...

pasti batang pelir dia besar n hot..main sampai 2 hgga 3 mlm tak henti2 pn pasti tak akn jemu..batang dia pasti bole puaskn sesape aje,hahahah

Anonymous said...

abang melayu!

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