Thursday, January 29, 2009


This hunk face reminds me of Piolo Pascual, Philipines sexy hunk. This handsome and cute geek is a tv presenter. He has hosted many tv shows like Durian Runtuh, Fulus Mania, Trek Selebriti, Muzik@Ria, Ronda 360 darjah (Astro Ria), Debaran Anugerah Era and Kuiz Adik Comel. Then he start his acting in drama A.D.A.M. After that, he start get offered to act in many drama like Gaia, Duranni, KAMI and Dunia Anita. Despite he is short, that does not lowered his confidence to achieve what he want. As an orphane, he has no chance to see his father but he able to face that difficulties with other families' support.

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Anonymous said...

very cute malay boy!

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