Tuesday, February 15, 2011

William Ng Gorgeous Cover Boy For Men's Health March 2011 Issue

William Ng, our favorite man half naked in jeans is now going to be on shelf in every bookstores, mamak stall, and everywhere in Malaysia. he got his golden chances to be cover boy for one of the hot magazine, Men's Health Malaysia for March Issue. This hot guy have very hot and lean body. With his pure Chinese face, William is very sexy in his own style.

Men's Health Malaysia is one of the health magazine for Malaysia men. There is few of magazine like this, focus for local here. Most of the magazines is health for female readers and if there is for men, the magazine is in Chinese. Only one magazine (as I realize) in Malays, Maskulin. Once, there is a magazine, Ummph, but they were stop in a very sudden. Some magazines are also more focus to fashion and gadgets and less for health. Different to this magazine, Men's Health is more to health and fitness for maleness and educate healthier life for man in Malaysia.


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all men! omg! wanna see GIRL.. join us


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