Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hansen Lee (Polo Boys Hotties)

Tom (played by Hansen Lee)
Building & Real Estate Undergraduate

Tom is the best player of the team, and he knows it. But because of that, he doesn’t take the game seriously – frequently coming late for trainings, or even drunk. He has a poor attitude to water polo, and a drinking problem.
Yet his alcoholism is his only means of escape, – his girl friend is now in a coma state. Tom still visits her every week, and drinks to forget the fact.
After a drink driving accident, Tom has to make a decision – face up to the realities of life, or give in to drinking as an escape.

a team of hotness polo boys

from magazine promo

during promo

Pictures below are really hot. really hard to believe how could they manage to promoting the tv show like that. They doing promotion in a club where all the ladies became crazy for a while looking a line of hunky topless guys including Hansen. They played a lot of hot and sexy games like kiss the actors, smell the actors hot bodies, touching the hotties, hard and tough bodies, sit on the hunky guys etc. Really hot!!! Just only if tv stations in Malaysia able to promote their tv series like this. And if only Hansen Lee could topless while hosting Breakfast Show in ntv7. Haha.. 

damn super HOTTT!!!


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