Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shahz Jazle

Shahz Jazle is one of aspiring new artist in Malaysia. His role as supporting actor in Bio-Nik and Tari Tirana is really boost up his popularity and many producers start taking him to act in their dramas or tv-series. His acting in Asmara is one of the best which able to melt a lot of viewers' heart. This former stylish model have to be messy in the drama and make people felt sympathy with his role. Later, during the airing of Asmara in TV3, there was a hot gossip saying that he has an affair with another supporting actress and also hot divorcee, Maria Farida. This gossip supported by Shahz's statement that he like older woman. However, they both denied on the gossip even though they use very intimate call to each other like 'sayang' (my love) in Twitter. By the way, Shahz Jazle still love controversy. He was said kissing with another actress (just kissing the cheek, however kissing cheek is not an acceptable action in Malaysia), Wan Sharmila, who is also a divorcee. Right after that, Shahz and Maria Farida were said have a Twitter War, which both of them posting a lot of hatred message in Twitter. However, recently people said that they already in peace and in love again. Don't know the truth. By the way, don't forget this hot boy in new tv-series, Gemilang, every Monday, at 9 pm on TV3.

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