Tuesday, January 4, 2011

John-Son Oei (Hunky Youth Activist)

Youth is the future of a nation and country. They are the architect and engineer of the country. If the youth is not fit enough to carry a big responsibility to build and lead a country like Malaysia, this nation will fall and just become a history. However we believe with our beloved Prime Minister vision to unite all Malaysian in OneMalaysia slogan, we may become together as one although different races and religion. Wellawei... it's a lot of nonsense from me, sorry. However, here I want to feature a youth activist from Malaysia, John-Son Oei (also Johnson Oei) which is for me so hunk and adorable. He is so charming and have a beautiful body. Must be a gym maniac person. I only realize about him on this blessing land, Malaysia after saw his Korean look like face in Clive Magazine (below) with the bitchy horny Sarah Lian. How John-Son could still pretend macho beside this sexy lady? Haha. I believe his stick must be boner during that photo shot and want to fuck somebody.

He still can pretend macho... may be some drinks in his hand could help.

John-Son Oei is a also a model as you can see below some his modeling photo from a professional photographer. This charming boy has well build body and pretty face. He also has muscular body which really suit to become a model. However now he more focus to youth organization and give talk and speech in some youth program. Hope he will success with his job. Later, I will post more of his pictures including his workout pictures in gym... Very Hot!!! A lot of sweat!!! Keep watching this blog for more pics.

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