Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Hottest Hunk in Malaysia 2011 Calendar

If Singaporean gays proud with their Singapore Calendar Guys, Malaysian gays also may proud with our Hunky and Sexy The Hottest Hunk in Malaysia Calendar which have been around for many years. The salivate dropping calendar is a giveaway from NewIcon magazine. The issue with this hot stuff gift is only RM15 and available in any bookstore around Malaysia. The calendar contain sexy pose of the top contestants from The Hottest Hunk in Malaysia contest which run annually. This calendar is a must have item to all Malaysian Hunk lovers, gays or girls. Who cares? As long you love Malaysian hunks, its like 'goreng pisang panas' to us. The hunks is only Chinese since NewIcon is a top Chinese magazine in Malaysia.

The cover page for Jan 2011 issue with hunky and bitchy Singapore stud Allan Wu on cover.

Cutie Mr. January, John Chua

Hunky Mr. February, Tan Wei Jian a.k.a. Zack Tan

Sweet Smiley Mr. March, Joe Lee

Hotties Mr. April, Keith Lui

Eye Catcher Mr. May, Dennis Koh

Wild Tattooed Mr. June, Benjamin Gan

Classic Mr. July, Dawei Woo

Big Muscle Mr. August, Gavin Tan

Discreet and Boyish Mr. September, Jeffrey Seow

Fiery Mr. October, Bill Tay

Big Brother Mr. November, Adrian Wong

Macho Mr. December, Alex Choo

Hope NewIcon keep on in their good deed in producing many more lovable sexy calender like this in future and lets hope the calendar may contain all races in Malaysia like Malays and Indians not to forget the Bumiputeras. It must be very hot and a good scene if that would be happen. By the way, there must be many obstacles since Malaysian government controls the publish of sexy item like this especially for Malays. So may be we only can enjoys Chinese hot bodies rather than Malay hot bodies.

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