Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shahril Sarapudin

It's not easy for me to attract to 'celebrity' from RTM but this cute and handsome lad really different for me. This guy is Shahril Sarapudin, a news anchorman in TV1 RTM. He is a graduand from UiTM and enter a competition in RTM, Ikon,which to find a new and talented presenter for RTM and become finalist. Shahril, a Kelantanese but able to speak real Malay language fluently because most of my Kelantanese friends are unable to do so. Their term is 'kecek luar'. By the way, many people claimed that Kelantanese man or boy are handsome and have good look and this may be the proof (others like Fizo Omar and Danny X-Factor). They also claimed good on bed. That's why most Kelantanese have many wives.

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