Sunday, December 5, 2010

Faris Abdul Halim (Hot Bodyduilder Boy)

This hot hunk is also from Kelantan. He have won a lot of title like Mr. Selangor 2009 and Mr. Klang Parade. Unfortunately, he met an accident and unable to do workout and maintain his beautiful body for some period. He stop entering any competition during that time. However, recently I heard that he is on his way to do comeback to the 'big muscle' game. I hope he will do better as he has a beautiful body and so poor if he just stop it on the half way. He is very handsome and has very fair skin. (He is dark in the picture just because of the stupid oil)

"nice ass," said the man behind Faris.

"that's true, nice ass...," the lady replied.

Look how he flexing his big muscle and dance like in the disco... disco, disco hoo hoo

Quite the same style and dance but from different view. If you are muscle fetish, you'll like this. Flexing hot big and tasty body from beside. You could see and judge how big his bulge is... and let me know.

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