Thursday, June 11, 2009

Redza Minhat

He is new for Malaysia but he has a big controversy which some say in a forum thread that he has a naked picture. Actually the guy in the photo is NOT him. That guy is Sean Ching. You can see other Sean's naked photos here . Hopefully this may stop all nonsense. It's hard for me to believe Malaysian celebrities has professional naked photo.
You also can see the photo that were claimed as him here.


Anonymous said...

just watch pisau cukur with my friends....

all of them fall in love with him..

seriously cute in that film

Anonymous said...

me n ma frenz all were really falling for him..after watched PISAU CUKUR, he's damn cute..!!! especially a scene when he danced with maya..and he made a really cute action..;p

lurve him!!

Anonymous said...

jealous tgk dia hansem sgt..watever hope u success in ur life.

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