Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iskandar Fay

Name: Iskandar Fay
Age: 19 years old
Ethnicity: Malay/Chinese
Profession: Athlete/Model
Hobbies: Doing stunts, singing and playing piano
Country: Malaysia
Date of Birth : 09/06/1992
Height :
Weight: 135lbs
Waist Size : 32"
Shoe Size
: 9

experiance: standard parkour, basic muay tai kick-boxing, standard chinese kick boxing, basic gymnastics, untraditional weapon work i.e escrima,karmas, basic nunchaku and basic katana wazikizashi, and acrobatics.
other skills/hobbies: games, singing, acoustic, athletics (long jump/high jump/100m sprint) dancing (body poping/breakdancing/street dancing), standard melayu (malaysian) , cycling, progessive rollerblading and ice skating.

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terrified with the last pic? click to see him without that shirt

Iskandar Fay Sampler 2006 (special edition)

Isky Busting Moves in trocodero

Isky&Fauzie @ The Gym
(the must see video!!! Isky & Fauzie worshiping their SEXY muscle!!!)


Anonymous said...

dier nie Islam ker? naper ader pic pakai cross???

Malaysian Hunk Worship said...

Not sure... may be not even he is Malay. that's why he wear that cross.

Ian 이재인 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ian 이재인 said...

yeah, 1st tyme saw his pic with that cross, i wonder whether he's a muslim. hmm..maybe u r right, not a muslim at all. sarawakian kot~

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... well... he is mix chinese/malay... and i am too... and i am muslim.. so i guess is muslim... in malaysia those who ethnic is malay... auto is muslim... oni for those iban and bumiputera can be either muslim or christian or wateva it is...

Anonymous said...

if u are malay means u are muslim cuz all malay in msia are muslim

gay melayu said...

dia mix..malay mom plus chinese dad...his fmly was migrate to UK around 20yrs ago...dia still melayu islam coz mak dia pure malay...bab pic tu xtau nak ckp aper maybe dia dh lama kat oversea so pmikiran dia cam benda tu biasa2 je kot...i dah jumpa dia beberapa kali...n he couldnt speak malay properly but can understand evry single word...

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