Sunday, February 1, 2009

Zul Ariffin

This guy become popular after he had such a gossip that he has an affair with a divorcee, Abby Abadi. They keep denying but most Malaysia entertainment media show like tv3 Melodi and tv9 Galaksi try to prove that they is something happen among them especially after Abby's divorce, Zul were at the Syariah court. Most Malaysian symphaty to Abby of what had his ex-husband done to her, (having another scandal) but after the release of this 'Zul Ariffin' story, people become suspicious and feel something fishy about them. In Islam, it is wrong for a female divorcee to get close to another man within 'edah' period but in some picture below, we could see how close they are and that is more than just a friend (Malaysian celebrity's typical denial). Even the picture is just for photography session, Abby should refuse to avoid more gossip. However, if they really have something, they should be better get mearried and stop the controversy.


zaineesqandar said...

his face reminds me to vince af1

andrea chiu said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us.
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